Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Future is Present

Well, it's been a week of emotions! I've been waiting for awhile to find out the decision of the CARE board. Today I found out I did not get the Active Duty slot that I requested, however I was offered a reserve spot instead. My chaplain program manager said that it was like getting a consolation prize. I suppose it's better than nothing and its obvious that is what the Lord has for me right now.

The disappointment was really hard to handle at first and I wasn't sure I wanted to do much of anything. But after speaking to a couple chaplains, and my lovely wife, we decided to accept the reserve chaplain position. There are actually a couple benefits to being in the reserves. First, there is a chance to be called up to active duty at anytime. In fact, after talking to a current reserve chaplain, I found out that there are two week billets, and even 365 day billets. So if I do a reserve tour for a bit, I have a good chance of being active duty when I have even more experience.

But right now, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the fact that, with the Lord's help, I achieved the dream of being a Navy chaplain. I am not a chaplain candidate, I am a chaplain.

God does give desires of the heart, we might not understand how they will all play out, but He does do all things well. (Psalm 37:4)

And I'll close out with Chaplain Justin Bernard's quote: "CCPO's are not Chaplain Wannabe's...They are Chaplain Gonnabe's..." Today I realized that statement. 

So onward, and forward.


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  1. I am confused, I thought you went into Chaplain training school with the understanding that you are either active or reserve. Is this true for all candidates?