Monday, February 4, 2013

The Reserves!

For the last several months I've been acclimating to the United States Navy Reserves. Since joining I have attached to NOSC (Naval Operational Support Center) Pensacola and am enjoying getting to know the people there. There is a great group of sailors there and the leadership truly cares about the sailors under them.

The first couple months of reserves, was just workshop success and power point presentation. I honestly think the Navy has stock in Microsoft. Power points seem to be a way of life. One of the drawbacks was that there wasn't too much for a chaplain to do in these seminars. Much of the material focused on enlisted sailors.

After a couple months of being attached to the reserves, the XO suggested that I flex drill and work with some of the area chapels. Fortunately, I know the staff chaplain at Corry Station and was able to help him out.

While Chaplain Alander was gone for two weeks, I was able to fill in for him and do the Sunday services. It was an amazing opportunity and the people at the chapel are so loving, kind and caring. They truly were receptive to the message and the Holy Spirit moved in the congregation.

Next week though, is another milestone. I head to Ft. Jackson, SC to complete all three phases of Chaplain's school. This is a bit of a nervous time period, I don't really know what to expect. I have heard horror stories, but I know the Lord will carry me through. One thing is certain, this blog should get updated a WHOLE lot more than it has been in the last several months.

We are actually all moving up there. It will be nice to have my family close by so that I can hang out with them all during liberty. Also since the apartment is only 5 mins away. I should be able to see them quite a bit.

May God bless all of you!
Chaplain Dewhurst, USNR

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  1. So I'm thinking about joining the Navy Reserves as a chaplain and was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me about how you've liked it so far (assuming you're still doing that). I have talked to a lot of AD chaplains but haven't been able to find a single Reserve chaplain. Could you shoot me an email at ?